BootCamp : This military based, calorie torching class is based on the principles of MAX interval training. From flipping tires, slamming ropes, and intense cardio, Be prepared with bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity in this 60 minute killer workout

Boxing: Clear your mind with our boxing class ! This Full body workout will not just change and strengthen your body but your confidence too. This class will include cardio, shadow boxing , bag work and core strengthening . * Gloves & wraps available for rent or purchase if needed

Cardio Boxing: Be a Champion! Learn different boxing combinations and fitness drills to challenge you, get you sweating and burn hundreds of calories!

Core & Cardio: 60 minutes filled with a combination of cardiovascular training & Core Conditioning exercises. 45 Minutes of the class will consist of cardio drills that will have you sweating &bring your heart rate up!. The last 15 Minutes will consist of abdominal exercises that will get your abs burning! Challenge yourself with this Total Body Workout!

Dance Fitness: Our dance fitness class begins with 30 minutes of cardio dancing, including reggae, belly dancing, & hip hop! The last 30 minutes will be toning your entire body, starting from your upper body, to your abs, down to legs and glutes. Get a full body workout in without even realizing you're working out!

Work The Cakes: Baby got back! Strengthen, tighten, sculpt and tone your butt, quads, hamstrings, calves and more with this 60 Minute HIP TO TOE Meltdown!